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Code of conduct

While using any of the Sparkpea Chat Network's (hereon SPCN) services you are bound by the following guidelines to ensure a pleasant experience for all Users.

Always treat others with mutual respect.
Always know who you're talking to.
Always scan all files for viruses, spyware, etc.
Always refer to this document, or your local laws if in doubt.

Do not threaten, harass, stalk, insult, discriminate, offend, attack, bully or abuse another user, staff volunteer or SPCN itself.
Do not impersonate another user or staff volunteer.
Do not spam, flood or scroll.
Do not make known any personally identifiable information (like real name, phone number, home address, etc.).
Do not perform illegal activities.
Do not upload, post or link to any protected material unless you have obtained prior consent from the owner.
Do not rely on SPCN as a primary storage unit for any data.
Do not use 'bots' or other automated chatting programs unless you have prior consent from the chatroom owner.
Do not create rooms which may be perceived as owned by SPCN or nicknames which may be perceived as staff.
Do not write in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS, this is considered to be shouting and should be avoided.
Do not rely on SPCN to advertise, promote or provide any service for your business, unless agreed with administration.
Do not post any information about or links to other chat websites.
Cloning - (Maximum is 4 Ips (nicks) per User per room)

If you do not follow these guidelines, expect to be warned, removed and/or banned.

The website does not provide any guidelines as to what content may be uploaded to spaces such as profiles and albums.
It is therefore not suitable for persons under the age of 18, depending on the law in your place of residence.

SPCN staff reserve the right to amend any user-added content at will and without prior consent. SPCN reserves all rights to refuse provision of service.

Updated October 2010