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«Şρàŕκρєá™» Posted 1325275309 (EST)   


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The forums are now working again, at long last :)

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Account Expired Posted 1325276112 (EST)   

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Last edit: Rose on: 30-Dec-2011 3:55 pm

Thank you very much Admin_Sparkpea for making the profile works again. We can now Upload /Delete pictures. Also, we would like to thank you for fixing the General Forum, we can now post and reply. Happy New Year!!!! (F)(F)(F)

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ÇŗŷşŧåłĢāžęŗ Posted 1359668707 (EST)   

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thank you guide steel i dont know how to start new post here , i know yoe spent ages helping me and was very patient sincerely thank you all help you gave must been totally what site says a tottally nice guy and never knocked me down, my computer skills are not great but steel was best help ive ever had soooo wanted to say wd and ty xxx

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